Tortie Tonkinese


So what is a Tortie Tonkinese?

KLMCats is pleased to bring the stunning Tortie Tonkinese to Queensland. We are currently the only breeder in Queensland breeding Tortie Tonks. So what is a Tortie Tonk? It is a Tonkinese that shows the Tortoiseshell pattern. It can be expressed in Pointed, Solid or Mink coats. This means that the colour will show on different areas of the bodies depending on the coat pattern.

Pointed Tortie Tonks

A Pointed Tortie Tonk shows the tortie pattern in the points colours. KLMCats Annabelle is  Blue Tortie Point Tonkinese. She is a very valuable asset to our breeding team and a stunning personality aswell. 

Mink Tortie Tonkinese

A Mink Tortie Tonk is one that has a light dusting of tortie pattern across her body, but more pronounced tortie pattern in their points. Tinkatonks Kenzie is the first Tortie girl I purchased. She is a Cinnamon Mink Tortie Tonkinese. I am so grateful to Heather Redmond from Tinkatonks for allowing me the pleasure of owning Kenzie. She is a stunning girl and produces the most amazing kittens with stunning temperaments.  

Solid Tortie Tonkinese

A Solid patterned Tortie Tonkinese, is a Tonk that expresses the Tortie pattern all over. KLMCats Bella is a stunning Seal Solid Tortie Tonkinese and the first Tortie that I have bred. She currently lives with my parents and has a life of luxury with them. 

Some Interesting Facts about Tortie Tonks

The gene that creates the Tortie pattern is known as the "O" gene. A Tortie Tonk can give birth to Non-Tortie tonks and a Non-Tortie Tonk can give birth to a Tortie Tonk! It all depends on the genes that the parents have. 

The "O" gene is what produces Red and Cream kittens. The only cats to carry the "O" genes are Reds, Creams and Tortie. If only one parent carries the "O" gene, you will only ever get Female Tortie's and Male Red and Creams. If both parents carry the "O" gene, you may get Cream and Red girls or Tortie males. Because of this, Red and Cream girls, or Male Tortie's are very rare. Also, almost all Male Torties are sterile.