Coat Pattern and Colours

Tonk Colours

Here at KLMCats, we have 8 possible Tonk Colours, Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Red, Cream, Cinnamon and Fawn. 

Seal - Dark Chocolate Brown (close to black)

Blue - The dilute colour of Seal, a dark Grey

Chocolate - A lighter chocolate brown

Lilac - The dilute colour of Chocolate, a light grey

Red - A beautiful deep ginger colour

Cream - The dilute of Red, a light creamy colour

Cinnamon - A beautiful rich cinnamon colour

Fawn - The dilute of Cinnamon, a lighter version of the cinnamon.

Coat Patterns

Tonks come in three coat patterns:

Pointed - This coat pattern is similar to the traditional Siamese coat. That is a light body with coloured "points", that is face, ears, tail and paws in a darker colour.

Solid - This coat pattern is similar to the traditional Burmese coat . That is, the body has a full expression of colour, with only a small distinction between the body and the point colours.

Mink - This is the middle ground between the two coat patterns described above. That is, the body is lightly coloured and the points express a darker version of the colour. 

Eye Colour

The eye colour is dependent on the coat pattern.

Pointed = Blue Eyes

Solid = Green Eyes

Mink = Aqua Eyes