Buying a Kitten

Seal Mink, Blue Mink, Seal Tortie's and a Red Solid Kitten at 3 weeks old.

What to look for

So after much research and discussion, you have decided on a Tonkinese Kitten. That is really exciting. There are a number of things to keep in mind when purchasing a kitten:
1.) How do I choose the right breeder?
It is important to note that not all backyard breeders are bad. Just as not all Registered Breeders are ethical.
It is really important to develop a relationship with your breeder. Breeding cats is not a way to make an income. Most breeders breed, simply for the love of cats. You rarely make any money on a litter of kittens - generally you will cover about 90% of your costs - if you have spent the money on quality food, quality litter and quality conditions.
The best way to check out a breeder is to visit their cattery. Have a look at the conditions that the cats are kept in. Look at the nature of the parents. Do they have sufficient space to move around? Are they integrated in the household? Do they have sufficient food and water? How much handling does each cat get each day? Are they happy cats? Can you handle the cats? Are they approachable to humans, or are they scared? Also, remember, if the kittens have not yet had their first vaccinations the breeder may not want you touching them. Kittens are at the most vulnerable before then.
Do the cats all look healthy.  Do the cats like to play - are they interactive? If you happen to see a cat going to the toilet - is it using the litter tray? Does its stool look normal (not sloppy)? Do their teeth look clean and the claws and fur clean?
How many litters has that cat had? What are the breeders plans for the cat once it is past breeding age?
How many kittens does the breeder have on the go at the one time? Each kitten needs one on one time with humans and should be handled every day. If you have too many kittens, often they will miss out on that human interaction and be more afraid of humans.
Does your breeder provide a health guarantee? What is or isn't involved in that? Make sure you read the fine print.
This is a cat that will be a member of your family for the next 20 years. You want to make sure you get the right cat for you.
And remember - ask the breeder lots of questions. As a breeder I like to know that my cat is going somewhere where the humans have taken the time to understand their cat and want to provide for them in the best way they can.
2.) Do I want a specific colour and coat pattern.
Breeding genetics give the probabilities of what colours and coat patterns a Queen may deliver. It is rare to be able to provide a guarantee on a specific colour and coat, unless you have done a specific breeding match. Even when kittens are first born, the breeder may not be able to tell the specific colour and coat pattern. If you are specifically after a colour and coat pattern, you may need to wait a little longer for that type to be born.
3.) Do I want a boy or a girl?
Some people think that boys are a bit smoochier than the girls. I think it depends on the parent cats and the kittens themselves. I have seen both boys and girls very smoochie and adorable.
---- Often we can be swayed by emotion, especially if we see kittens and cats in conditions that we ourselves don't like. I implore you not to purchase from anywhere that you feel uncomfortable. Even if you think you are doing the right thing for the cat/kitten, all that happens is that you support that breeder in continuing to make money off their cats. The cycle continues. The only way to stop it, is to stop purchasing from kitten farmers. It is difficult and I have found myself in that exact situation. You think, I can just save this one, but the only way to save them all is to stop purchasing from the kitten farmers. ----


How much does a Kitten Cost?

Here at KLCats we sell all our kittens at between 11 & 12 weeks of age. All kittens come Desexed, Microchipped, Wormed, First two (2) vaccinations, Flea Treated, Litter Trained and Socialised. All kittens are registered with Cats Queensland Inc and all new owners will be supplied with pedigree papers once all the kittens have been sold. (Usually within the month).

Boys are sold for $720 and Girls are $750.


Health Guarantee

KLMCats is proud to stand by the health record of our cats and kittens and as such are confident to provide health guarantees for our kittens.

This Health Guarantee covers kittens for a period of 5 years from the date of their births. This guarantee ensures that should a kitten/cat die as a result of a congenital problem within 5 years then they will be replaced with a similar kitten of the same sex. (colour and pattern may vary based on the preference/availability)

Period covered by guarantee; 

  • First 5 years of kitten/cats life.

This Health Guarantee covers the following;

  • Early death due to congenital problems (including heart, liver, kidney damage)
    Should there be veterinary intervention required, a refund will be made up to the purchase value of the kitten(s)

This Health Guarantee DOES NOT cover the following;

  • Day to day maintenance and expenses (food, worming, parasite control)
  • Annual veterinary requirement vaccinations
  • Veterinary intervention due to; accident, poisoning, escape, exposure to any threats or danger outside of the house (These kittens are sold as indoor only cats)
  • Death of a kitten/cat due to; accident, poisoning, escape, exposure to any threats or danger outside of the house

Notwithstanding this health guarantee, it is incumbent on the owner to maintain these cats in the best of health, due to appropriate daily care and attention.

Please note: The Health guarantee becomes null and void should the owner decide that the cat is allowed to be an indoor/outdoor cat. We cannot provide any health guarantees for a cat that is not exclusively kept indoors.